Something wicked this way comes

Hello, bookish dears!

Today I share my favourite Shakepeare play: Macbeth! It is one I studied in both high school and university, and I couldn’t help being fascinated by it. I love the riddles, particularly “of not woman born”…so clever! =) I also loved the pure mania that Shakespeare created in Lady Macbeth, and how she was an intelligent and strong female character beforehand – a wonderful trait among Shakespeare’s works.

Studying Macbeth in university, I also had the pleasure of reading and watching many different versions of the story and alternate interpretations (sometimes in different languages!) As Shakespeare himself created his own interpretations of already existing stories, Macbeth has definitely gone through many changes in its long life! It’s a brilliant tale about family and lust for power – about what power and guilt can do to the human psyche and, of course, let’s not forget the magic!

QOTD: What’s your favourite Shakespearian play?

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