Studio Ghibli printables

Hello, planner friends! I have exciting news: I have been learning to make my own printables! I have made them according to my preferances for planning, including a lot of half-boxes and full-writing boxes, not in any particular order. I usually have 2-3 pages per monthly theme.


I’d like to say that I do not own any of the images used in these documents. They are all found on internet search engines. Please download for personal use only and do not sell for profit. I want everyone to able to share and enjoy them with equal access.


I have proveded download links for my Studio Ghibli printables below. Enjoy, and happy planning!


studio-ghibli-printable-1-1.docx (130 downloads)


studio-ghibli-printable-2-1.docx (103 downloads)


studio-ghibli-printable-3-1.docx (95 downloads)


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