Seize and enjoy

Hello, planner dears! I was happy that this spread showed most of the crew in the last image – don’t we all wonder where to put full boxes? – but I like putting them on weekends, as weekends are when we often have time to spend with friends and family. As you can see, this was a busy work week, with little time to spend doing anything else, but I try when I can! ha ha¬† I like that the sticker at the top says, “Seize the day” – seize the days, even moments, you can to do what you love, what you want, and be good to you. My time with my family and Scotty is when I do this, but also, the time I take to plan. It’s that little slice of happy that I endulge in, regardless of what else is going on in life. It’s my little moment of peace and contentment in my own creative little world – and I’ll seize any moment I can to do it!

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