Patterns and a Party

Hey, planner peeps! I’m loving all of the patterns, colours, and stickers in this week! Very little makes me happier than being able to make all kinds of washi combinations. I found this blue flowered one that looks sort of tropical, and fell in love with it instantly for Moana’s theme. What’s nice, too, is it sort of looks like daisies, too! I also like these shells, which I found were a nice touch! It’s fun to layer washi as well, like I did with the second page in the middle – gold and orange patterned clear tape over the teal behind it.

As much as pattern mixing can be tricky and difficult, never be afraid to experiment! It’s busy, but it’s fun!


On another note, I also had the honour of attending Scott’s grandmother’s 90th birthday party, which was beautiful in its attendance, decoration, and the amount of love I witnessed in the family and friends of a lovely woman. What a great thing to be a part of! 

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