Never grow up

Hello, planner friends! Here is my last week of March. It’s hard to believe it’s nearly April already – March seems to have flown by! As you can see, here and from other posts, I’m very excited about Easter. I always get childishly excited about holidays, and love to decorate, cook/bake, and dress up. That’s a part of me I’m okay with staying very much a child. There’s a place for everything, and I think sometimes as adults, we get so caught up in the world and how to be professional and present ourselves as respectable adults, that sometimes we forget how to have fun and be a child. Of course we do need to act like grown-up sometimes, but not all the time, and that’s why I love this Tinkerbell theme as much as I do, and will be sorry to see it end. Although, I must admit, I’m very excited to April’s theme! It’s my birthday month, so I’ve given it extra-special care. Stay tuned!

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