Keep planning – keep dreaming – keep achieving

Hello, planner dears!I was sad to bring my cousins back to the airport the week of this spread, but it was also wonderful to be surrounded by love and laughter, and have a deeper connection with my roots as my Irish family was around. Hopefully, they’ll return again next year!


I felt that the photos in this spread really captured a lot of different aspects of Moana as a character. We see her scared and confused, but we also see her determined and confident,as well as close to her mother. It’s a gentle reminder that though life can be scary and throw us some curve balls, if we’re determined enough and confident enough in our own abilities, we can overcome almost anything. So stay strong, chin up, and keep your goals in mind! It also helps to have the support of family and friends, so don’t take them for granted.

Planners don’t have to be just fun things to decorate – they reflect our lives and our interests, and what we appreciate in the characters we love and people in our lives that we admire.


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