I do love, Seuss Sam-I-Am!

Hello, bookish friends!

What was your favourite author as a child? Or favourite book?

These are only a few books from my Dr. Seuss collection. I think that my favourite was Green Eggs and Ham, but The Sneetches are a very close second! I know that there a lot of negative things that can be said about Seuss as a person, but I do believe that sometimes you can separate the work from the man in many artistic cases. I love the good life lessons and interesting ways that he handles delicate or important issues to introduce them to children. Green Eggs and Ham, for example, teaches children that you cannot always judge something by appearance, such as not saying you don’t like food if you’ve never eaten it (a common problem among picky eaters in children!) The Sneetches, on the other hand, introduced ideas of racism and segregation.

There’s also The Pair of Green Pants with Nobody Inside Them which focuses again on not judging others, and in making friends – accepting differences and being compassionate. All of these things are important issues that are introduced in a child-friendly way.

Did you read Dr. Seuss? What was your favourite book?

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