Grey days, Clockwork, and Classics

Hello, readers!

As I’ve said on recent posts, I’ve been trying to choose my books with spring in mind for photos, as I’m still gradually making my way through Harry Potter, but let’s be honest, the whole beginning of spring is not full of bright flowers, but rather, is very rainy and grey. I’ve tried to channel the grey into this post, but that’s okay, because Will Herondale makes everything better!

Another inspiration for this post was the fact that I watched Pride and Prejudice and Zombies not long ago, which sounds ridiculous, but was actually amazing. I would like to read Pride and Prejudice, and the spoof Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, and compare them sometime soon. Where is this going? I read the Infernal Devices before reading most of the classics referenced in conversations between Tessa and Will, and only understood a whole section of one of their bantering episodes after actually reading Jane Eyre. I reread the series (countless times now…), and began to understand so much more. I’d like to increase my classic reading, not only for the works in themselves, but to better understand the references to them in modern literature. It was watching that film that made me remember the whole ordeal, and think of Will and his escaspism in a dark and rainy London, and how his love of literature shaped him in many ways into the wonderful character we know and love.

So I will embrace the grey days and use them as another excuse to curl up and read. I hope for Will’s sake that there are no ducks in the rain puddles! 😉


QOTD: What’s your favourite classic book?

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