Florals, florals everywhere!

Hello, lovelies!

It snowed not long after this photo, but at least it looks like spring! I keep trying to capture the essence of spring in spite of the insistence of winter to linger on lately. Florals everywhere! This wiggle skirt has beocome one of my favourites – it’s stretchy material so it’s comfortable and not as restrictive, but it’s also a great fit and the colours make me think of warmer days. Hopefully it warms up soon and I can appreciate flowers in more than fabril patterns and jewellery!

I’m also happy to be wearing my polka-dot coat from Modcloth – my favourite coat of all. Not only is it a great weight with a wee jumper for this time of year, but I have a love of polka-dots, and this coat has the cut of a 50s dress, and lovely deep pockets!

┬áTop and skirt: urban planet; floral necklace: liasophia; long beaded necklace and gloves: vintage; hair flower: Ardene; socks: Shopper’s Drug Mart; coat and shoes: Modcloth; old scarf and jumper

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