Elizabethtown: my favourite film

Hello, lovelies!

This is a very special film for me, and has quite a story! A friend of my mum’s used to work in a department store, and would sometimes mail me films she thought I might like. Among them was this wonderful film. Admittedly, I’m not a great one for romantic comedies, but this particular film was also jam-packed full of satire, sarcasm, delightful humour, and is a beautiful depiction of how one can come through heartbreak, loss, and how that can lead to personal development and growth. Not to mention, you can’t go wrong with a cast of Orlando Bloom, Kirsten Dunst, and Susan Sarandon!

Additionally, I was kissed by my now fiance for the first time while watching this film, and it has had somewhat of a contining involvement in our relationship and sweet inside joke as well.

I decided to make this a combination post as, though not intentionally, my present outift happened to match the colours on the cover of the film box!

Please do watch this wonderful story that has come to mean so much to me <3

Skirt: Costco; tights and shoes: Modcloth; hat: Joe Fresh; necklace: homemade with beads from Michael’s; charm bracelet: Pommier Jeweler’s, Charm Diamonds, Michael Hill;vintage brooch of my granny’s; vintage red bangle; hair flower: Ardene

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