Candid Keats and tragic beauty

Hello, bookish friends!

Today’s photo is again a book of poetry of a collection of books I received for my birthday. I was introduced to John Keats in high school, and continued to study him as an English student in university. There is something beautifully heartbreaking in Keats’ work – it is amazing what perspectives can present themselves when one is so close to death, and the subltle beauties and deep concepts that one can conjure in words at death’s door. It is also so horribly sad to think that Keats’ was going through so much pain as someone so young. There is, however, a delightfully candid and tone to so much of his work, that the rawness is breathtaking. There are so many poems of his that I love that I’m afraid I can’t bring myself to choose one.

QOTD: Have you read Keats? What’s your favourite poem?

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