April showers don’t mean I’m sour

Hiya, planner friends! Happy April!

I will be honest, despite it being my birthday month, I’ve never much cared for April. It’s always rainy and muddy, with unpredictable weather patterns, and being in Canada, sometimes it snows right into April as well. In fact, the birthday I received my first two-wheel bicycle, there was three feet of snow outside, so my mum let me ride it around the kitchen!!

As I’ve gotten older, however, I’ve learned to appreciate that there can be beauty in almost everything. I don’t really mind rain – just not what it does to my hair (Irish-girl fro, I’m telling you…), or the mud of melting snow (goodbye to the idea of wearing suede shoes). Maybe it’s in my Irish blood to not be bothered by the wet weather so much in the end, but there’s nothing better to me than falling asleep to the sound of the rain.

Additionally, somewhere along the line, I developed a love of umbrellas. There are so many bright, coloured, beautiful umbrellas out there. I have polka-dots, florals, and even a black one with white music notes that changes colour when wet! I decided, therefore, to make a theme of it for April for my planner. It is a Happy Planner, after all, and it’s a lovely reminder to find the small things that make you happy even when circumstances may not always make you feel that way. For me, the bright colours, painted images, and beautiful umbrellas are my gentle reminder to find the good and the happiness in life, no matter the weather!

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