A touch of poetry and language

Hello readers!

Another poetry post, though I’ve decided to try something new this time. I haven’t ready Kaur’s works yet, but I was flipping through the first book and stopped on this particular page, and it struck me. Isn’t poetry fantastic? And the art of language in general? We read others’ words with our own voices, in or outside of our heads, and sometimes we literally feel like we’ve been touched in someway, whether it be we relate, or we have some kind of connection or reaction to the words. To read is such a beautiful thing, and to express ourselves in language in our own unique ways, and process it in our own unique ways, is such a fascinating gift! That is what this short piece inspired in me: that we are touched by language though not physically touched by the author. We feel them, we feel for them, we feel because of them – because of each other – and that’s what brings us all together.

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