A Fairy Lovely March!

Welcome, Planner friends! As this is my first planner post, I’d like to share a few things about my planning style! I personally love a theme, so you’ll see a consistent theme per month, with the same colours and often a character or object around which the theme revolves. I also usually post “before the pen” apart from Mondays, and important and/or guaranteed things throughout the week. I post the first half of my week on Mondays, and the second half on Wednesdays on Instagram. I’ll try to post the two on the Wednesday in a post on this page, unless, like this month, the theme begins on one page.

As far as sidebars go, I usually include some habit trackers at the top, followed by what I’m listening to (most) that week, and whatever book I’m reading! I thought it was a cool way of looking back on my tastes and reading material at the time. I also usually have checklist of goals for the week.

I’m so excited to present this month’s theme: Tinkerbell! Even if I live in Canada, and there is sometimes still snow into April, I’m in need of some spring colours. I know I’m a bit late posting, as I’d hoped to have the blog up earlier, so I’m adding photos from the beginning of March to present so it feels like I’ve started at a more solid place. I’m loving these greens, purples, and yellows together with our favourite Disney fairy!


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