A busy girl’s update!

Hello, planner friends! How have you all been?

Goodness, my life has been busy! I’ve been working quite a bit, which has prevented me from doing my more regular posts – so I apologize for that. I’ve also been suffering a cold since Friday that is only now beginning to clear up! It was a doozy, that’s for sure.

This will be the first Sunday in over a month that I’ll be able to get to church and sing in the choir, as I’ve been working neary every Sunday since beginning my new job in May, so I had a practice with Scotty yesterday afternoon and that was good for the soul! Scott’s cousin is also engaged, and I’ll be attending a surprise engagement party for her and her fiance on Saturday, followed (hopefully) by some regular Saturday binge-watching our current shows “Limitless,” “New Girl,” and Scott and my parents have been watching “Suits.” Sunday is Canada day, so we’ll be going to the fireworks at our local park in the evening. It looks, however, like I’ll be getting a few days off in a row next week, so I’m looking forward to having some time to myself to get some things in order and hopefully do some planning!

As for my Studio Ghibli theme, I recently had Scott watch The Cat Returns (one of my personal favourites), and he loved Baron just as I do =)

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